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Trump’s comments ‘unfortunate, unhelpful’: Ryan – 01:23

Trump ignores questions about his ‘shithole’ comments – 00:50

Senator Durbin confirms Trump’s ‘shithole’ comments – 01:42

First female-focussed motorshow opens in Saudi – 00:50

Trump’s ‘shithole’ comments spark global backlash – 01:42

Video shows patient left on cold street in hospital gown – 01:10

Merkel strikes deal with social democrats, paving way for new government – 00:57

Trump cancels trip to Britain, ‘not a big fan’ of embassy – 02:05

Trump to extend Iran sanction relief – source – 01:28

Trump blasts immigrants from ‘s***hole countries’ – sources – 01:20

Nigerians condemn Trump’s choice of words on Africa – 00:51


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