5. The Trump administration has no interest in, and even opposes, both facts and expertise.

Asked to cite a recurring theme in the stories explaining their decisions to resign, former climate change advisor Cox points to an overt indifference to facts.

“[T]hese are people who don’t care for other opinions,” Cox stated. “On many occasions, they would ask to be provided with background on a specific issue and indicate that there would be a follow-up meeting. But those would never happen. Once it got to decision time, Pruitt and his closest staff would just do what they wanted to do, and that was that. And the EPA is a science organization! We’re supposed to value facts! Even during the Bush administration it wasn’t like this.”

Ex-CIA agent Price cites the removal of military and intelligence experts from, and elevation of Bannon to, the National Security Council as a warning sign he needed to get out of Dodge.

“That confirmed in my mind that this was an administration that would look to political advisers and ideologues,” Price recalled. “I decided as an intelligence analyst, I would either be twiddling my thumbs all day, or producing reports that would gather dust.”

6. The Trump administration is attacking representative government itself.

The ideal of “American democracy” has always been a fallacy, but the Trump administration is working hard to blow it up from the inside. Former ethics head Shaub says Trump’s flouting of rules, as well as his admiration for dictators, should alarm us all.


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